So who is Mike?

Passion and obsession are two sides of the same coin

In 2003 Mike was introduced to the secret world of yo-yoing. It happened at a summer camp in the middle of nowhere Idaho while he was waiting for his parents to come pick him up.

The summer heat and boredom induced by depriving an electronics addicted child of anything remotely resembling technology was probably the catalyst that caused his yo-yo obsession. A ‘whirring’ sound coming from somewhere across the cabin circle caught his attention, and he saw a man playing with a yo-yo.

Mike beelined right for him and started pestering him with questions, “Is that a yo-yo?”, “Why is it making that noise”, “Where can I get one?”, and “Where can I learn?” It turned out the man organized a yo-yo club that regularly met within a reasonable driving distances of Mike’s childhood home in Emmett, and in no time Mike had acquired his very own Duncan Dragonfly (as well as a few other solid beginner yo-yo’s like the Freehand 2 and a Bumblebee) and started attending the club meetings.

It was intoxicating, having a yo-yo attached to his hand, it became an extension of himself, it became a part of who he was, and changed who he would become. Until that point Mike had been set on being a computer programmer, and when he discovered the yo-yo that summer day, that all melted away. After that he wanted to be a professional yo-yoer. Something he was sure didn’t exist, but it didn’t matter. People were getting paid to write about trading cards and to ride skateboards, if they could do it, so could he.