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The problem with book writing is that it seems impossible. The average person will usually only see the finished product and think, “There is no way I could write something that long…” and so they never even try. But I’ve learned something about writing books from the two how to books I’ve written so far which makes it easier for me to work on this novel.

What I’ve learned should be common sense but in today’s instant gratification minded world it seems like we all need to be reminded of common sense every so often. This is what I’ve learned: You will not write your book in one day. It will take you several months or years. It depends on the time you invest. So if all the time you have to write is 15 minutes before you clock in at work (which is what I am doing) then use that time and try to write a page. If you do that once a day and try not to go back and revise your work too much (editing should come after you spew your words onto the paper) in a year you would have about 300 pages or so. That’s your novel. It’ll take one work break a day to write it and you could finally check it off of your bucket list.

The only thing that ever stops you from accomplishing anything is you. Stop being lazy and start accomplishing the things you want to do someday. Like they say, someday is just a nice way to say never. So stop making excuses for yourself and do something with your life already!

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