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Just Adult Things

By September 9, 2014Blogs

So tonight I had one of those weird thoughts I felt like others might find interesting, and because the frequency of these interesting thoughts (at least in my head they seem interesting) happening decreases with an ever growing swiftness. Or maybe I am just realizing that most of those thoughts aren’t actually interesting but I’ve learned to stop listening to my own bullshit and am now able to pick out what is actually somewhat more interesting now than I could even a year before now.

I like the fact that I am growing up in the internet generation. I think it is very interesting that I will be a part of the generation that publicly brings up in an almost sarcastic and yet brutally honest ways of stereotyping a reality of life, that there are just adult things like in those stupid and excessively shared preppy posters that spread around Facebook like a winter cold in schools.

And those just adult things as much as we will all hate them for how boringly overdone they are and they just so annoyingly remind us of MySpace when we were teenagers. We will hate them but they will be true, and for once the young people from that generation forward will see in a way that they can relate to the reality of growing up and will hopefully begin to fearfully cling to their youth while they still understand what they will be missing when it’s gone.

I hope that that is the way things work out. I always wish I could have done even more in my youth than I had. I am known among my friends as a hard worker and an entrepreneur. But I feel like if I deserve those titles then I should be brutally honest about myself and those titles. If I had actually put 10% of my effort into even one of my businesses I wouldn’t be working for someone else today.

You have to try to not succeed it seems and I should know, I have tried the hardest for the longest time. I’m not sure why, maybe I just didn’t understand that there really is an end to all of this, even though I was commonly heard saying otherwise. Maybe it is simply not a thought that sinks through the adolescent brain.

But I hope, maybe with my generation as one last bad example our culture will take a step forward and evolve a little bit mentally and learn to appreciate their lives before they’ve used so much of it for so little to show of it.

That’s basically the thought, yea, it’s long and drug out but it did take place over the course of a car ride home after work, which accounted for 40 minutes and in the two way trip it is 1.33 hours of my day.

Here’s a few just adult things to get this crap started: “The older you get, the more you appreciate not doing anything at all. #JustAdultThings” “I can finally sleep in all day and eat whatever I want but now I don’t want to. #JustAdultThings” “I’m gonna be a daddy!!! #JustAdultThings” If you’ve got one leave it in the comments, don’t get too bad, some of them are supposed to be good. Hell leave a sarcastic one if you want to. 😉

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  • Tyler says:

    Going to school while still providing for a family! i.e. house payments, bills, tuition, books, etc. #justadultthings and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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