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Moving to a nicer home

By November 4, 2015Blogs

Today, well yesterday by now, I hopefully made my final move of residence for a LONG time. My wife and I packed up our belongings for the past two to three weeks and had a few friends and family members help us stuff it all into a rather large uhaul truck and move it all across town to a slightly larger house our landlord (aka Weston’s great grandma) had recently vacated.

The day was fun, challenging, and largely uneventful it the regards to things going wrong. We ended up staying awake a little to long at the end of it all but considering all of the furniture and heavy appliances I was fully impressed to have not lost any limbs or fingers.

I didn’t touch a yo-yo much throughout the day to my dismay. It was such a fast paced display of organize chaos that if I had pulled out the yo-yo I would have been on fire faster than you could say “in the dog house.”

But that was okay, we got moved in, all our stuff is here, now we just have to set the place up and I can get back to making videos and improving my website.

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