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Starting Over

By September 2, 2014Blogs

It seems like every so often, every three years or so, I end up losing a very important file or backup somehow and have to rebuild a website. Well, this time I didn’t lose anything, I just ran out of money. I was no longer able to pay my hosting, and because of that I lost my three most important sites. Well my two most important sites. This one isn’t one of them. The biggest loss when it comes to this site for me was the years worth of blog posts I’ll never recover.

That being said not one person has mentioned to me, “Hey, your website is down buddy!” So I assume it wasn’t missed the last five months. Not a big deal at the end of the day, if people didn’t miss it then I was doing something wrong. If I don’t miss it then I was really doing something wrong.

At any rate my buddy Dennis helped me out with hosting while I get back on my feet in this online world. I’m lucky to have a good friend like him to bail me out of this no-no I’ve fallen into when it comes to having a website and being a savvy computer user in 2014.

I should have backed up YoYoCourse and Site Traffic School… Luckily I was planning on overhauling both of those websites once I had the money to bring them back online. So at the end of the day I feel this is a sort of blessing in disguise.

At any rate, if you saw this and you were happy that my site is back I’d love it if you left me a comment so I knew. Keep an eye out for more blogs and video content which I typically post something of once a week!


  • Dallon Reddish says:

    Hey Mike!
    That really stinks that you lost your stuff! Let’s get yoyo course going again! I’m not a particularly good yoyoer, but I’d be glad to help in any way I can. (I’d say that I’m better with computers than most)

    • mikemonty says:

      Thanks for your kindness and support! I will send you a message when I’m getting ready to do some work on YoYoCourse. Thanks Dallon!

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