Congratulations!!! You have finally made it to your first official trick! Today we are teaching you how to perform a classic yo-yo trick that will be requested of you every time you are out yo-yoing in public. The trick, if you don’t already know the name (or didn’t read the title above 😉 haha) is called Walk the Dog. It is a trick that triggers nostalgia with many people and will be a conversation starter many people will use when they see you yo-yoing. “Can you walk the dog?” is asked of every yo-yoer, no matter how difficult the tricks are that they are performing at the time, someone always asks. You better learn it now so you can show them that you can indeed walk the dog!

How to Walk the Dog

Walk the Dog is a very good trick to teach you how to control a sleeping yo-yo. It takes a lot of finesse to throw the yo-yo hard enough that is spins fast but doesn’t come straight back to your hand when it hits the end of the string. The harder you throw the yo-yo, the easier it will be to walk the dog, but the harder it will be to get the yo-yo to sleep. This is because when you throw the yo-yo hard it tends to bounce at the end of the string, which causes it to wind up.

Take your time to learn how to throw the yo-yo hard, but smooth, so that it sleeps a long time and this yo-yo trick will be a breeze!

Want to SEE how to do the trick? Here you go!

How to do the trick:

  1. Throw a Sleeper.
  2. Lightly set the sleeping yo-yo on the ground, allowing the spinning of the yo-yo to drag it forward at least a foot.
  3. Lift the yo-yo off of the ground and tug it lightly to make it return to your hand.

It sounds really simple right? It is in theory, but it will take you some practice to get it down, take your time to learn how to make the yo-yo sleep a really long time and you’ll be a master of walk the dog very soon!


  • It might take some time to get the yo-yo to “walk” along the ground without bouncing and returning. Practice keeping your hand as level as possible to keep this from happening.
  • The lighter you set the yo-yo on the floor while it’s spinning the more likely it is to “walk” along the ground. Try Walking the Dog on carpet until you get a hang of it, then move up to more difficult hard surfaces (keep in mind that the spinning yo-yo can scratch wood floors, so make sure you have permission to “Walk the Dog” from whomever the floor belongs to!)

Good luck!!

Mike Montgomery