Well we’re up to part four and it is finally time to show you how to throw this thing correctly! Generally speaking I like to wait to burst your bubble that turning over your hand, opening it, and letting the yo-yo drop and bounce a few times is actually NOT the correct way to throw a yo-yo. Until now you might have been thinking that this is a strange thing to teach, “don’t you just tie the yo-yo to your finger and drop it out of your hand?” Well it is not as simple as that, there is a technique to it that will help you to perform tricks and get more spin time out of your throws.

How to Hold the Yo-Yo Correctly

The way you hold and attach your yo-yo to your hand is very important. If you don’t attached the slip knot between the first and second knuckle of the middle finger on your throw hand you will lose a lot of your control over it. Putting the slip knot too close to your palm (between the second and third knuckle) will make it more difficult to throw the yo-yo and do the intricate tricks you will be learning later on.
The way the yo-yo is set in your hand is also very important. If the yo-yo is upside down in the palm of your hand, you will not get a lot of control of out it when you throw the yo-yo. The way to know if the yo-yo is right side up in your hand is to look at the string. If the string attached to your finger rolls up along the top of the yo-yo then you are holding it correctly. This way, when you throw the yo-yo, it will roll easily out of your hand down the string, and when it returns it will automatically be facing the correct way if you catch the yo-yo correctly as it winds up. If the string is going across the bottom of the yo-yo (the wrong way to hold it) when you throw it, the yo-yo is likely to flip over, causing it to descend at an angle making it difficult or impossible to return to your hand. The reason for this is simple physics; the yo-yo will try to flip over, wasting much of the energy you have put into the throw. When it flips over, the yo-yo is likely to be spinning at an angle, causing the string to rub against the sides of the hubs of the yo-yo. This will cause it to slow and tilt further, usually resulting in the yo-yo spinning out of control.

How to Throw a Yo-Yo Correctly

The Throw Down is the oldest trick there is when it comes to yo-yoing. It is in essence everything that yo-yoing originally was, simply making the yo-yo travel up and down the string, unwinding and rewinding itself on the axle of the yo-yo. This is the first trick every yo-yoer must learn and master to become a master yo-yoer. Knowing the proper technique for holding a yo-yo is key here, so if you skipped that over earlier or can’t remember it clearly, please take a moment to go back and review the section “The Proper Way to Hold a Yo-yo.” Now that you have reviewed that and put the yo-yo on your Throwhand you can learn how to do your first trick, “The Throw Down.”

  1. Form a muscle with your Throwhand arm, bringing the yo-yo in your hand level with your ear.
  2. Swing your hand forward and out from your body, opening your hand and allowing the yo-yo to roll out of your open palm as soon as your arm is extended straight out in front of you.
  3. As soon as the yo-yo rolls out of your hand and down toward the end of the string, turn your hand over.
  4. When the yo-yo reaches the end of the string, lift your hand up slightly, giving the yo-yo a tug, to increase its energy so that it can rewind itself all the way up to your hand.

Tips for Throwing Your Yo-Yo

  • For the first few times your yo-yo might not make it all the way back up the string. If this is the case, try throwing it a little harder as well as pulling up a little harder.
  • If the yo-yo is on its way back up the string and is about to stop before it reaches your hand, move your hand down to catch the yo-yo. Moving your hand down reduces the amount of energy the yo-yo must use to climb the string back to your hand. Bringing your hand to the yo-yo at the same speed the string is being pulled in will keep in from dropping back down again before you can catch it.

I wish you the best of luck with throwing your yo-yo, though in concept it is simple it can take you some time to get the technique down so that you can perform many amazing tricks. Take your time mastering this skill now and you will have an awesome time learning new tricks!

Take care, see you tomorrow!

Mike Montgomery