Sonic the Pinball

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Sonic the Pinball is a tech heavy repeater that has the ability to be used as a speed combo once you've mastered it. I developed it as filler for freestyles...

Pocket Sand Yo-Yo Trick Tutorial

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I thought it'd be fun to teach you a trick I recently made but I couldn't think of a good name for it so I hopped into the Thrower's IRC...

How to do the gyroscopic flop yo-yo trick

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This time I’m showing you a few variations of the gyroscopic flop and how to do them. I also explain how to control the tilt of the yo-yo.

How to do the Kickflip Suicide Yoyo trick

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This is the trick I’m challenging folks to in the daily trick challenge. Good luck! October 9, 2015 at 08:45PM

TodaysThrow – Part 61: How to do Sea Sick

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In this video Mike teaches you how to do an expert level yo-yo trick that’s been around for quite a while called Sea Sick, which was suggested by Dustin Gunter….

How to do Black Hops

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in which I teach you how to perform the expert yo-yo trick, black hops. <<PREVIOUS NEXT>>