Mike Montgomery Yo-YoingMy name is Mike Montgomery, I am a professional yo-yoer from Idaho. I created this crash course in yo-yoing to give people a solid location to learn their tricks. It can take you from being a complete newbie to the hobby with absolutely no knowledge about how any of this works to an expert in no time at all. Just follow along, learn the tricks, keep hitting ‘next’ as you do, and soon enough you’ll be making up your own tricks and have everything here mastered!

We’re going to start you out in lesson one of the Yo-Yo Crash Course with what to look for in your first yo-yo. If you already have a yo-yo this first lesson will help you know if it is a good one to take this crash course with.

The path to becoming an expert yo-yoer is a fun and entertaining one, I hope you enjoy learning how to yo-yo as much as I did all those years ago!

Best of luck along the way, and remember if you need any help I am just an email away.

Mike Montgomery