My name is Mike and I make yo-yo videos! Well I also write guides and other random things but for the most part I make:

  • Yo-Yo Trick Tutorials from the bare essentials all the way to the insanely difficult.
  • Yo-Yo Vlogs covering topics like what to do if yo-yoing becomes boring and how to deal with annoying people when yo-yoing in public.
  • An online show I like to call “Let’s Play Yo-Yo” where I break down insanely hard to do tricks created by world yo-yo champions and other very talented trick creators.
  • In another online show called TrickLab I make videos showcasing how a trick goes from abstract idea to a finished, named, bit of yo-yo goodness!
  • and much more!!!

With the help of my sponsors I am hoping to be able to free up time to create more and better content for you! Right now most of my time is dedicated to working, if I am awake I’m probably working on something to pay a bill, buy food, and otherwise take care of my family.

Because of that I have to sneak in time to record yo-yo videos here and there when I have find a spare 10 minutes. With your support and monthly sponsorship I can reduce how much time I have to spend working on the projects of others and will be able to spend more time on the content you have come to know and love!

Your sponsorship will mean more high quality tutorials, more Let’s Play Yo-Yo videos, more yo-yo vlogs, yo-yo contest coverage(!!!), and so much more!

In return for your support, I have created some cool things for you like entry into a monthly giveaway for sponsors only, early access to public content like tutorials, exclusive sponsor only access to behind-the-scenes videos and blogs, and the ability to give input on future vlogs, tutorials, and anything else I do.

So if you like the videos I make and want to be a part of their creation, please consider becoming a sponsor!

Thanks for reading!


F. A. Q.

How many videos do you make?

While this can vary depending on my workload, I generally put out about three – five videos per week.

How often will I be charged?

You will be charged monthly, starting the day you become a sponsor.


Can I cancel my pledge amount at any time?


I have an idea for a bonus you should add:

Have an idea for a bonus Mike should offer? Send it to him here.

I have more questions!

Send them here!


$50 Per month

When we hit $50 per month, I will release a trick sampler, featuring three brand new tricks, along with tutorials, and the story behind each of those tricks. And it will be for sponsors only the first month it’s released. But I will tease the public with it… 😉


Pledge $10 per month

  • A 15% discount on anything in my Shop (must be logged in to receive discount).
  • And instant jump to the front of the line for your tutorial requests; if someone on YouTube asks for a tutorial and you also ask for one here on the MikeMonty.net forums, even if they ask days before you, your request is going to get made first.
  • 1 Entry into a monthly drawing for yo-yo related goodies!
  • Early access to new content like Let’s Play Yo-Yo and Trick Tutorials.
  • Exclusive behind the scenes vlogs and blogs about Let’s Play Yo-Yo, the Trick Albums, and more! (Sponsors only!!!)
  • Five Entries into a monthly drawing for yo-yo related goodies!
  • High Definition downloads of all Trick Albums!
  • Your name will be added to a special “Thank you to our sponsors!” screen at the end of trick tutorial videos I put out while you’re a sponsor.
  • Your name is permanently added to the MikeMonty Sponsors section beneath each video you support while you are a sponsor!
  • Unlimited access to any yo-yo courses I create from now until forever, so long as you remain a sponsor.

Sponsor Mike - $10/mo.