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Vernon Street by Will Hahn

Some of you may already know this, but I represent a pretty awesome brand known as MonkeyfingeR Design, I’ve been with them since 2012. In the time that we have been partnered up many faces have come and gone from the team (even I took a short break once in 2013). While on the team I have made great friends and met some pretty talented individuals. Of those I’m elated to have been introduced to Will Hahn. If you haven’t heard of him before Will is involved in the California yo-yo scene, placed 5th in the 5A finals at nationals this year, and was one of the key designers behind the Tri-B. Heck, he did all of the initially CAD work on it and put all the ideas together brilliantly. Just ask anyone who has thrown one, odds are they’ll agree!

Anyways, Will put out a really amazing video a few months back called Vernon Street. It features some of his polished and insane yo-yo tricks from the 5A style of play. You see, Will is one of those awesome guys who picked up a counterweight and didn’t give up on it after a few months like I did. To me counterweight was always kind of a novelty and was fun to watch but most of it was just not complex or technical enough to catch my attention. Will has the skill to put that complex technical aspect I love about 1A into his 5A tricks, if Will had been around when I was younger and I could have watched his style I probably would have stuck with 5A.

At any rate, the point of this post was that I wanted to share this awesome video of his with you, it’s sitting at 387 views at the time of this post being written, I feel it’s more than deserving of 1,000 or more views, and I feel that when you watch it you’ll probably agree. If you do please share this post, let’s get Will some more views and spread the badass, more technical side of 5A I wish I could have seen when I was still fresh to this amazing hobby!

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