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How to Snap Start a Yo-Yo

This video shows you how to snap start a yo-yo so that you don’t have to slowly wind it up to get it back to your hand. It also covers a few exercises for strengthening your snap so that you get a lot of spin time out of the yo-yo when you snap start it.

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  • Wayne Dowler says:

    Was always wondering on how to simply rewind up without winding every time! Have to give this a try either slowly and build up, or maybe right off the bat with the yoyo.
    Thanks for continuing to make these videos, some are relevant, some way over my head. But all are fun to watch!

    PS: on an earlier post I mentioned an easier log off. Same now with a log in. How about putting those on the home page to make it easy to find? Don’t know how difficult it is on your end, just thinking about it from my POV. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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