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TodaysThrow – Part 62: How to do Spirit Bomb

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Mike teaches how to do Spirit Bomb at the request of Chris Picket. Spirit Bomb is tough trick to learn and will take you some time. The main thing that will hinder you in mastering this trick will be the yo-yo tilting and falling off of the string. Well, that and the knots caused by it falling off of the string.

Make absolutely sure that your hands are lined up with each other as you perform this trick. If your left hand is forward and your right hand is back, the yo-yo will tilt. Keeping your hands parallel will reduce this and make the trick much easier to learn.

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TodaysThrow – Part 61: How to do Sea Sick

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In this video Mike teaches you how to do an expert level yo-yo trick that’s been around for quite a while called Sea Sick, which was suggested by Dustin Gunter. Sea Sick is a deceptively hard trick, but watching it while being performed by someone who has mastered it can make it look really simple. Mike takes his time breaking down what is happening and when to give you your best possible chance to figure the trick out yourself.

If you  have any questions or would like to request additional trick tutorials please consider submitting them on the forum: http://mikemonty.net/forum/yoyo/

TodaysThrow – Part 60: Trick Maker Monday

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Mike finally continues with normal TodaysThrow’s with Trick Maker Monday. Unfortunately he can’t remember where he left off on his trick so he just talks and plays around with various mounts from the portion he did remember and gives a shout out to his website: http://mikemonty.net/forums because he just added forums and tutorials for beginner and intermediate yo-yo tricks.

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