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Day 36: Misquote 😑

| Living Off Autopilot | No Comments

Got the quote back. There was a miscommunication so I have to wait till Monday until I’ll know what the final price of the protos will be.

test post

| Yo-Yo Journal | 2 Comments

This is a test excerpt to see what happens when i make this post.

How to Snap Start a Yo-Yo

| Yo-Yo Trick Tips, Yo-Yo Tutorials | One Comment
This video shows you how to snap start a yo-yo so that you don't have to slowly wind it up to get it back to your hand. It also covers...

How to Do a Horizontal Trapeze with a Yo-Yo

| Advanced Yo-Yo Trick Tutorials, Horizontal, Yo-Yo Trick Types, Yo-Yo Tutorials | No Comments
This video will show you how to throw a horizontal trapeze with a yo-yo and also explains how to bind it as well. YoYoExpert UFO Tutorial: If you want...